Introducing the Power of One for USA/Canada

In this video Mike Stipp, Power of One Coordinator for the USA/Canada Region provides an overview of how the Power of One functions on the region. You'll hear Mike articulate how the Power of One provides pastors with a voice, reaffirms our message, explores colleagues best practices, provides affordable resources and numerous other benefits only available through this new initiative.

Getting The Most Out of The Power of One Website

In this video Mike Stipp, Power of One Coordinator for the USA/Canada Region explains some of the features and functionalities of this site. In addition to providing a rich user experience the website also provides a variety of ways to maximize the effectiveness of your Power of One initiative.

The Purpose Behind the Power of One

In this video Bob Broadbooks, Regional Director for the USA/Canada Region explains the unique approach the Power of One takes in listening to regional pastors, and how it provides pastors with a way of communicating with one another. Bob helps us understand the initiative is not attempting to tell pastors "how to do the Power of One" but rather it provides an opportunity to provide the denomination with insight on what's bringing renewal to the local church.

The Power of One is an evangelism and discipleship initiative sponsored by the Board of General Superintendents. There are global expressions of this initiative as well as bountiful opportunities before us.

For the United States and Canada, contextualization is critical for each local church as we embrace and understand a post-modern culture. Adaptations for a rural church will certainly face different challenges than a metropolitan area. Therefore, this is an invitation to discover together how laity in your context can best introduce Christ to others and make disciples. Read More